Brain dumping and brainstorming are two different things! Do you use either one? 

Let’s start with the fact that your brain is made for processing. Yes, it has memory, but processing is the primary function. Tapping into that processing-power part is so important.

Brain Dump

A Brain Dump is dumping everything you are thinking about onto a paper until you can’t think of anything more. It’s not about organizing as you go, it’s about you to literally keep writing in either list or journal form. I find that keeping brain dumps in a single notebook, planner, or computer program or file, keeps me more organized. I like Google Documents or Google Keep because it’s digital and allows me to add anything any time I think of something. You can then take brain dumps and create goals and task lists for your week!


Brainstorming is taking an idea and thinking it out in detail. You can take one idea and write everything out that goes with it. There are lots of ways to do this. From mind mapping to big sheets of paper or even a whiteboard! You may want to either take a picture or have someone organize it after you’re done. Brainstorming can help you organize a project or break down big yearly goals and so much more!

I encourage my clients to do both because each has its own purpose and I love to help people through this process! Do you have a million ideas floating around in your brain? Let’s chat and get it all on paper!

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