When we think of goal-planning, we often think of the next big achievement or accomplishment on our list. Then, we start thinking of the actions and the steps we need to take to get to that next milestone. But, we often forget a necessary action that can help us reach goals – practicing self-care.

Self-care plays a big role when it comes to goal planning for a number of reasons. First, just look at the word itself; Taking care of oneself is always going to lead to better outcomes than neglecting ourselves to reach our goals. So let’s talk about why we need to start adding self-care to our goal planning.

You Need a Full Cup to Achieve Your Goals

Have you heard of the Full Cup Theory? It basically compares your overall abilities and self-worth to a cup of water. When you’re feeling your best, your cup is full. A full cup can pour into other cups and live fully. But when you’re cup is empty, you’re not able to achieve anything because there is nothing there.

Now think about this in terms of your goals. An empty cup will struggle to take the actions needed to move forward, whereas a full cup will be able to get closer to goal achievement with no problem. And how does one fill their cup? By doing things they enjoy and taking care of their own well-being.

Self Care Prevents Burnout

It’s easier than ever to experience burnout. We’re all stretched thin between jobs, families, hobbies, and even side hustles. The more we add to our plate, the more likely we are to be overwhelmed, overworked, and eventually burnt out. So how do we combat burnout?

Taking the time to practice self-care is one of the best ways to keep yourself from experiencing burnout. When you prioritize yourself, you’re improving your mental health, giving yourself space to rest, and allowing your brain to come back to your goals and responsibilities refreshed. 

Self Care is Unique to Each Person

The best thing about practicing self-care is that it’s unique to you. Therefore, it’s all about you. Your self-care could be simple as having alone time, reading, going out, walking, or buying yourself something. On the other hand, maybe your self-care is more complex, like traveling or focusing on hobbies. 

Think about how often you prioritize yourself. Not your goals or responsibilities. Just you. Think about what brings you joy and happiness. When you prioritize yourself, you give yourself space to prioritize your goals later on. 

Plan Your Self Care with an Accountability Coach

It’s extremely common for high achievers and go-getters to struggle with consistently practicing self-care. You might feel guilt or be too overwhelmed with tasks to shift your focus away. But, self-care is one of the best things you can do to reach your goals. That’s why as a goal accountability coach, I ensure my clients plan self-care as they would their goals. And I actually make sure they stick to them. 

Are you looking to be more mindful and actionable about practicing self-care? Then, book a complimentary call with me here.

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