I love the quote “you choose to plan or choose to fail either way you make a CHOICE!”  I choose to plan! I plan my week on Sunday in accordance with my goals and then set up my weekly/daily trello board. Trello is a task management system that lets you organize your projects into boards and lists so you can get more things accomplished. 

Keep Track of resources and training

Planning is important so you know what you are aiming to accomplish and just how you are going to do it. I stumble through the week or day if I don’t have my task list and goals. I pick a top goal to accomplish daily and I then align daily accountability goals. 

I also suggest you review your goals weekly and it’s even better if you review them daily! Keeping your task for the day in front of you also helps keep moving you forward in the right direction. Reviewing your previous week before planning your next week works well to know what worked and what didn’t. And, don’t forget to  CELEBRATE your wins whether publicly or privately! 

Now, I want to know… do you plan weekly? How has that helped you reach your goals?

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