The task of figuring out what type and style of accountability work for you is going to take some work on your part. I’ve tried different methods: from friends and family to groups, to paid mentors and coaches to keep me accountable. Through this, I discovered, my style and my needs change depending on my season of life, and my goals.

No doubt, accountability offers great value. However, I encourage you to try different methods to help discover your learning and working style. Perhaps,  take a personality test that has standard questions to help you figure out different aspects of your personality and emotional status. There are common ones like Myer Briggs and 16 personalities which you can find online and some places offer them for free. I took the 16 personalities test when I first started my business and learned so much about how I operate and who I could work best alongside.

On the 16 personalities assessment, I am Defender

You could also take a work style or career assessment to determine your work skills and aptitude to help see what career fields would be a better choice for you. For example, the Disc assessment that helps determine your personality style and how your style works with other personalities.

With the results from your test, find an accountability partner, group, or paid coach or mentor. I found that sometimes free groups can motivate me, but that I do best when I invest some money, as then I feel I have more to lose. And, as I mentioned, I’ve also found that every stage of my life needs a little bit different accountability! I highly recommend you keep trying until you find what fits and pushes you to reach your goals. The biggest benefit I have found in using accountability for my business was taking my business to full time!

Last Day of my full-time day job July 26

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