The dictionary defines a goal as “the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aimed or desired result”. I define a goal as the desired result a person plans and commits to achieve. I feel that there are five types of goals: yearly (long-term goals), quarterly (medium-term goals), monthly (short-term goals), weekly, and daily. Although, daily goals are more like tasks or steps towards your weekly goals. 

Setting goals is one thing, following through to their achievement, however, requires perseverance and accountability. The goal accountability process will look different for each person. The basic definition is being held responsible to someone until you reach the goal(s). Research by ASTD shows that you boost your chances of reaching your goals by 65% by committing to someone that you will do the work. I offer goal accountability in my unstuck program and my coaching packages.

My own experience with goal accountability started six years ago when I decided to begin a health journey to lose weight. Let’s just say, it took me a bit to get the hang of not only writing out my goals but also creating an action plan to see them materialize. I also struggled in finding the type of accountability I needed but once I figured out I was a people pleaser and how I could use that to my advantage! (what?) With the proper support, I lost over 100 pounds and went from a size 22 to a size 12!

Two years apart

I now apply the knowledge I gained to my business supporting business owners to reach their goals. I love being a part of other business owner’s success; whether that is in holding them accountable to achieve their goals, or assisting in the administrative front to organize or act in their capacity to free up their valuable time!

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