What I learned from tracking my tasks for 3 days:
I created a freebie “Method to Figure Out What Tasks to Outsource” this will help business owners figure out what they could get off their plate. There are 6 steps to this freebie. 
I chose to do step 1, which is to write down EVERYTHING you do during your day. I took on this task for 3 days and picked Thursday through Saturday. I used Google Keep and kept it simple by just writing down your tasks and not worry about how long each task took to get a general idea. 

In the first lesson, I learned that I get on Instagram way too much for scrolling purposes, not the intended purpose for engaging for my business. I know that I need Instagram on my phone, for me to be efficient on Instagram,  I need to schedule time blocks and be sure to stick to them. 
The second lesson I learned was to be more focused on my time, so I am time blocking now to keep focused and productive.  
The third lesson I learned was that multitasking is not a good idea for me, and I need to close tabs and notifications to be more productive.
I encourage everyone to take on this task as it can help anyone see where their time is going. If you want a copy of the freebie email me at coachingwithsondra@gidcoaching.com.

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