Think of accountability styles the same way you think of the seasons. The style of accountability you need will grow and change along with you and your goals. Just like how the weather changes with each season.

I call it the seasons of accountability.

To have effective goal accountability, you need to find the best type and style of accountability for the season and project you are currently in. 

For example, when I started my health journey, paid group challenges helped me reach my goals. But after a few years, I noticed that I wasn’t seeing the same results as what I had in the beginning. My season of accountability was changing as my goals were changing.

I found out that 1:1 health accountability is better for me at this moment. Now that I’ve reached my weight goal, working with a health coach has helped me maintain my weight.

It’s perfectly fine to see your style change. Many factors can make one style of accountability more effective than another like your motivation levels, intensity, time commitment, financial allocations, and the person who is keeping you accountable.

It’s important to discover what style is best for your current season. This will help you achieve more at the present time. To do this consider:

  • What’s working now and why is it working? Try to understand what helps you stay accountable and reach your goals. This will help you understand what’s best for you.
  • What has worked in the past? Looking at the current situation is effective, but so is looking at the past. If you can analyze what had worked in the past, dive deeper to understand why it worked for you then. Perhaps it may work for you again.
  • What have you tried that didn’t work out? To better understand ourselves, we also need to see what didn’t work out. Have you tried a program that just didn’t give you the results you were looking for? That doesn’t mean it won’t ever work. Perhaps your season of accountability has changed and this past program will work better now.
  • What other options are out there for you? Having a full picture in front of you is crucial. Look at what types of accountability styles are available for you. Spend some time assessing them to understand what might work.

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