We all know that we should set goals, but what do you do with the goals afterward? The answer is getting accountability.

Today, I am talking about accountability and why 75% more people reach their goals with accountability! 

I use accountability in my personal and business life. Personally, in my health journey, to keep on track with my mental, physical, and spiritual health. The accountability groups I have been a part of for my physical health could be competitive, I have won things by following through on my goals. 

Professionally, I stay accountable by utilizing the services of a business coach; participating in a mastermind program, and plugging into a daily business accountability call and girl tribe group! I prefer smaller group accountability as it still allows me to be shy until I get to know people.

My business coach Danielle lives in another state but
happened to be in Michigan for a day so of course, we
had to meet up!

Accountability just works!  Check out these proven and researched tidbits… 
  1. Definition…let’s start with the basic definition of accountability. According to the Oxford Dictionary, accountability is the fact of the condition of being accountable and held responsible. I see accountability as a people-pleasing personality that I don’t want to let people down.

2. How do you figure out what level of accountability works for you? You can take personality tests to get results on what may or may not work. I just try different methods and various people and groups until I find what works best for me.

3. Types of accountability vary depending on what your needs are and what works for you. There is accountability to oneself,  friends, clients, groups, coaches, and/or paid professionals.

4. Tracking your goals and your accountability to do’s is the best way to figure out what methods are working and not working. You want to celebrate your wins no matter how small you think that is…celebrating can be telling yourself a good job or perhaps sharing on social media. Recognition is key… award yourself with something new or adventure out and do that favorite thing when you hit your goal(s)! 

5. When you’re working with accountability partners or professionals, you need to establish what style works best for you. How often do you need check-ins? How will you communicate? Do you need someone who is very firm or gentle? Who will you listen to and TAKE ACTION FOR? Do you need someone who is super energetic or someone who offers calming energy?

6. Investing in accountability helps motivate people to achieve success through follow-through. It also gives you someone who can be objective, coaching you to take consistent action steps. Working together, an accountability partner can help prioritize those next action steps to make the most efficient use of time.

Figure out what type of puzzle pieces you need to be held accountable.

I am the type of person people can bounce emotions, ideas, and goals off of…gentle enough to listen, yet educated and firm enough to set healthy next steps. I also find, when a client panics or feels overwhelmed, I am an encourager, reminding them just how far they have come, and  HAVE ALREADY accomplished! Accountability helps my clients get, set, and stay in a more positive mindset!

Masterminding together is so helpful in goal accountability.

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