We all go through transitions in life from moving to having children to recovering from a pandemic! Right now, the world is trying to heal and get back to normal. For those of us goal achievers, how do you focus on your goals and plans while preparing for the next steps in these unknown times?

I’m going to break down how to plan through transition periods like a pro so you can maintain your goals no matter what!

Use a Flexible Planning Tool

When we’re consistently planning, it’s easy to get into a routine. While routines are typically a good thing, the down side is when we have a disruption. Disruptions can cause us to get off track or completely derail our routines. That’s why I encourage you to find a tool that allows some flexibility. 

For example, written planners are great, but if you lose your planner or maybe you’re packing for a move and it’s misplaced. That disruption can be detrimental. An easy solution is to take screenshots of your planner on your phone or keep a digital planner along with your written one. Your planning needs to be flexible and dependable so it can endure any life transitions.

Plan Your Transition

Don’t see your life transition as something that’s interfering with your goals. See it as an event that requires planning and action planning just as you would a business or personal goal. This will make the transition much smoother as you’re always used to your current planning system. Ask yourself:

  • What steps do I need to take in order to get through the transitional period?
  • What is the main objective we’re reaching through this change?
  • How does this align with my current goals or how will it support them?

This shift in mindset will help you not only get through the transitional period, but help you get through it efficiently!

Use this Time to Review Your Current Systems

Do things feel hectic or out of order because the kids are on summer break or you’re starting a new job or business? This is a great time to review your systems and improve them! If things already feel like they are not supporting your goals, you may as well use this time to create planning systems that do.

If this is the perfect time for you to review your goals and you’re not sure of the steps to take to do this. Head to my Mid-year Systems Review blog that lays it out for you here: https://ray-va.com/mid-year-systems-review/

Have Support from a Goal Accountability Coach

No matter what the transition is, the best thing that will help you manage through it is support. We often feel like we’re alone in planning our life and setting our goals. But, that is not true! As a Goal Accountability Coach, your goals are my goals and my job is to help you reach them!

When my clients feel like everything is falling apart, they reach out to me to help them pick up the pieces. Is this something you need to help you transition to a new phase in life? Head to my services page, book a call, and let’s talk more!

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