Vacations can do so much good for you. You get to take a break, you can reset your body and mind, and you can return to life refreshed and ready to get back into it. And while these are very good things, without a good plan, it can be difficult to transition between vacation and non-vacation times. In this blog, we’re talking about how to successfully get the most out of your time off!

Brain Dump Before and After

Want to get your brain relaxed before you enter vacay mode? Try brain dumping. Brain dumping is the act of literally dumping all the things out of your head onto paper. You have ideas, tasks, and thoughts clogging up your mental space on the daily. It can be hard to relax and be in the moment when those thoughts are bouncing around.

The same goes for when you get back. You might have cleared up some mental space for new ideas, or you’re ready to pick back up on your projects. Brain dumping will help you get all the things out, so you can start prioritizing. Take out a pen and paper and just let the words flow out. 

Give Yourself Grace

If you’re going to take a break, actually take a break! Don’t bring your work with you, don’t guilt yourself for not working, and don’t neglect your body’s need for rest. Give yourself some grace to take a break. It’s important to be able to distinguish between “work time” and “relax time.” If you’re a dedicated planner and goal setter, you have room to step back from your goals.

The best thing about taking breaks? You’re going to come back to your goals with a fresh new perspective from your rested mind and be more motivated to power through your tasks with a refreshed body. Keep that in mind when the thought of pulling out work creeps up on you while vacationing.

Prepare for a New Season

Speaking of that fresh new perspective, it’s time to embrace the new season. No, I don’t mean transitioning from summer to fall. What I mean is transitioning in your life. A vacation is a good time to reset not only yourself physically but mentally, as well. You can compare it to “New Year’s,” where everyone gets some much-needed motivation. When you take some time for yourself, you can use that the exact same way.

Maybe you’ve felt overwhelmed or like you’ve been slacking on your goals. Use your vacation to reset, so when you return, you’re ready to take your goals back on. It’s a great motivation tactic to push you forward.

Ask for Help from a Goal Accountability Coach

Vacation planning can be difficult. You have to plan the actual trip on top of planning your life around it. The last thing you want is to lose sight of your goals while preparing for a much-deserved break. During times like these, it’s okay to ask for help. There are people like me who are willing and able to help you!

As a goal accountability coach, I work with my clients through all sorts of transitions: vacations, family changes, jobs, you name it! I can help you plan for a vacation that does more good than harm when it comes to your goals. Want to start creating your vacation plan? Set up a complimentary call, and let’s chat!

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