Time has seriously flown by! We’re already in the middle of 2021, and it’s a great time to review your processes. If you want to maximize your efficiency and get more done, I recommend you take time to review your current systems. From your calendar to your email to your project management, it all needs to help you reach your goals. You don’t know if it’s genuinely helping until you ensure for yourself.

Let’s walk through how to review your systems, so you can optimize your business and/or life!

Review Your Goals

Why are you reviewing your systems in the first place? Because you want them to align with your goals. So, it makes sense to review your goals to ensure that your systems work to help you reach them. Plus, you can never review your goals too much.

Before you look at your systems, take a peek at the goals you’ve set. Keep them in mind when reviewing your systems. Need some help with goal reflection? Check out this blog post.

Ask the Important Questions

Now that you have your goals top of mind, it’s time to look at those systems. When reviewing your systems, I’ve found asking the right questions helps determine if you need to pivot or abandon the system altogether:

  • Does this system align with my goals?
  • Does this system work properly to achieve my goal?
  • Can this system be improved?
  • Is this system worth the time or money investment?

The systems you might want to review are your calendar systems, email systems, family organization, and project management systems. Once you ask yourself these questions, it will help you better understand how your systems are performing.

Optimize and Integrate Your Systems

Now that you’ve reviewed your systems, it’s time to get your systems back into shape. Were you able to find a more effective tool to implement the system you need? Maybe you were able to find a person who can implement it better. Can you integrate your tools or systems? It’s all about creating the best possible systems to reach your goals.

The mid-year review may seem like a tedious process, but completing a review like this will have long-term benefits. Try to perform one every 3-6 months for the best results!

Review and Implement with a VA

Sometimes we’re too close to our systems to be able to review them objectively. That’s where working a VA like myself comes in handy! I can help you review, reorganize, and implement your systems to ensure your life and/or business efficiency.

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