What if we are measuring our goals but not considering how effective accountability actually is? I feel accountability measurement can be subject to your own internal cues. You need to know what you want from an accountability person or group, then measure its effectiveness.

What small steps are you taking daily towards your goals?

Here are a couple of questions to measure if the level of accountability you are using is working:

  1. Are you meeting on a regular basis? Scheduled check-ins are required if you are consistently rescheduling then it simply can not be effective.
  2. Are you being honest in your meetings? When you withhold information that could help you, then you are doing yourself a disservice. 
  3. Is the advice from the group or person(s) aligning with what your goals are? You must be willing to try the advice received.  If you feel as if it doesn’t align with your goals, you need to have open communications to realign the relationship.
  4. Are you taking action towards your goals? Are you achieving your goals? Your accountability person can give advice, cheer you on, ask you a million questions but in the end, it’s you having to do the work. Do be sure you honestly evaluate your own actions!

Accountability is more than tracking your goals. It also involves your efforts and the level of supported provided by your accountability partner!! Please let me know in the comments just how accountability has impacted you and why!!

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