If the year 2020 taught us anything, it’s that chaos can strike at any moment and derail any plans we create! It’s not easy to plan around chaos, but it’s not impossible. 

As life can always throw us for a loop, it’s also a good idea to have planning skills for chaotic periods to ensure you’re able to get things done. These tips will help you plan in times of uncertainty.

Focus on What You Can Control

When you’re dealing with a lot of chaos and uncertainty, it’s easy to feel stuck in worry mode. Worrying about things you cannot control is not helpful. It can be detrimental to your plans if you dwell. Instead, take a look at what you’re able to manage and start there. 

For example, when the pandemic hit, many parents were forced to work from home with their children. You could focus on the uncontrollable, which is that kids are out of school, or focus on the controllable. You could turn your attention to creating a positive learning environment or setting boundaries for when you’re working. Find control in the chaos!

Create Planning Systems

A planning system will help you plan in literally any condition or environment. With a system, you rely on the processes to get things done, so as long as the processes are intact, you are still able to plan. There are many planning systems out there, and you may have to find what works best for you.

If you’re looking for a sound planning system, check out some of my past blogs about brain dumping, choosing tasks, creating action plans, and planning for 2021. Once you find a method that works for you, you just have to hold yourself accountable for doing it!

Allow for Flexibility

We tend to be hard on ourselves, and stressful situations can cause even more of this behavior. When you’re living in a chaotic situation, it’s essential to allow for flexibility. Plans may alter or fall apart entirely, and that’s okay. The best thing to do is pivot and push forward!

If you’re some who struggles with this, check out my post about giving yourself some grace!

Get a Planning Partner

Chaos, uncertainty, and stressful situations can be alleviated when you have support. It’s often in our nature to try to figure things out entirely on our own, but it’s unnecessary to do so. As a Goal Accountability Coach, I work with my clients to create plans and put those plans into action. I help you navigate every situation from chaos to lack of motivation to frustration. 

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