Success is something most people shoot for no matter the endeavor, but reaching that goal looks different for each person. What you determine as success for yourself will be very different from someone else’s definition of success for themself. It’s important to understand what success looks like for you especially if you want to plan and achieve your goals.

In the blog, we will talk about how to align your definition of success with your goals.

Finding Your Own Definition of Success

The best place to start is with visualizing your dream life. Based on where you are now, what sounds like a good place to be? What accomplishments make you feel good about yourself? You might feel good about starting a new job or your dream life may include a spouse and children. Your success should be defined by what brings you the most joy and happiness.

It’s important to really reflect on your own personal happiness and avoid being influenced by outside factors like social media or family members. Remember, your version of success will be different from others and even different from what others expect from you. The key is to find what matters most to you personally.

Achieve Success Using Goal Accountability

Now that you’ve determined what your version of success looks like, you’re more equipped and prepared to set goals. Creating goals around your idea of success allows you to shoot for something that is important to you which can increase your likelihood for achieving that goal. To set goals that align with your definition of success, follow these steps:

  • Develop achievable goals – Make sure your goals are clear and specific
  • Develop an action plan- Ensure your plan has start and end dates
  • Stick to Realistic Goals – If you want success, you must make a realistic goal and plan

Following these steps will help you achieve more goals and find the success that you desire!

Revisiting Your Own Success Over Time

As we change throughout life, our definitions of success will change with us. Some of the goals you’ve strived for, you may achieve or re-evaluate. That’s why it’s important to revisit your goals and success envisions often. It’s perfectly normal for change to happen, we just have to change with it!

Without revisiting, you risk striving for success that is no longer important to you which means it will be harder to achieve. Don’t get caught in this cycle by simply reevaluating.

Redefining Success with Support

If you’re reading this blog and thinking that the task of defining or redefining your success sounds difficult, you are not alone. That’s why I work with high-achievers to help them develop goals, create an action plan, and achieve success. As a goal accountability coach, I can help you bring your vision of your life to reality!

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