As business owners, we are often so busy that we are in a hurry to move to the next item on the list when we complete something. We forget to stop and reflect on what we have accomplished. Celebrating your wins is essential for setting yourself for further success and keeping you from burning out, and staying excited in your business.

Let’s dive into a simple process for celebrating your goals!

Set a Prize for Goals

At the beginning of each week or month, set a reward for yourself, I print a picture to represent this reward so that I can SEE what I am working toward. These rewards do not need to be expensive or even cost you anything at all. You can practice self-care like reading, playing a game or watching your favorite show. Something that allows you to feel good about the strides you’re making towards your goal!

Don’t forget to write yourself a social media post showing how you celebrate your win. Clients love to see you taking the effort to show your successes.

Set Another Goal

The path to success and getting things done always includes goals. So once you have accomplished one goal, don’t forget to set the next one. Planning and success require goals to reach your desired end goal. So what is a goal exactly? 

According to, goal (noun) means the result or achievement toward which effort is directed. (Ex. Her goal was clear—to get accepted to Yale).

So to break this down a little more, setting a goal is THE key to success. Once you have reached a goal, set yourself up for success for the next goal, and each step of achieving a goal should require a celebration, even if it is just a cup of coffee without interruption!

Reflecting on the How and Why

When you create a theme of success in your life, taking a step back to reflect is a critical process to go through. I do this monthly for myself, but some of my clients benefit from doing it weekly. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

Did I reach my goals? 

  • If YES: Did you celebrate them properly and give the success the attention it deserved?  
  • If no: What things prevented me from reaching my goals? 

How can I improve my process of reaching my goals next time? 

How can I make reaching my goals easier?

Accountability in Goal Success

If you don’t have accountability to reach your goals, are you consistently not completing them? Sometimes having someone keep you accountable to your goals is all you need. Do you have a biz bestie to help you stay on track or an accountability group?  

As a goal accountability coach, I help you create a system and a life of success as often as you need to reach the goals and dreams in your business and personal life.

Schedule a call with me today and find out how I can help you create an attitude of success and get things done! 

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