When I want to make sure that I am setting myself up for success each day, I sit down to get my top 3 tasks a day set to complete. A list of just 3 things sets the tone for my day and creates the ability to succeed and achieve these main things on my list. 

According to Helene Segura in The Inefficiency Assassin: “By Choosing only three absolutely critical tasks, we MUST complete the next day we are setting ourselves up for success. A list of only three tasks is doable, so we’’ get those crossed off and be able to celebrate.” We are also more likely to complete other non-essential tasks on our to-do lists if we are successful in a few things each day. Which, in turn, makes us overall more successful in our personal and business lives. 

How to Prioritize Tasks

So, how do you decide what 3 tasks you should do each day? The first step is BRAIN DUMP, you hear me talk about this all the time, check out my blog post about Why You Should Brain Dump for the whys of this step.

Once you have gone through the full process of brain dumping, now you can prioritize your list. Some things need to be done ASAP; other things can wait a few days or even a month. Number them from 1-1000 in importance. What are the 2 most essential things to set yourself up for success this week? Do those first and then work through the list. Always add a couple of fun and exciting items to the list that you will LOVE working on. This makes working through your task list so much more enjoyable!

Goal Planning is THE Key

Start with a goal plan. What are the top 3 goals for your business right now? What will it take to reach those goals? What tasks need to be completed to create successful goal completion? This sets up your mindset for laying out your plan and will help you create a list of tasks that will create a feeling of accomplishment! When you are accomplishing your goals, you are less likely to be overwhelmed and experience burnout in your business.

Choosing those top 3 tasks each day will help you reach your goals and keep your business on track for growth and success. It will also keep you motivated for new growth and profit! Here’s to your success today and throughout the whole month! 

Do you have a hard time defining and accomplishing your goals? Schedule a consultation call with me today and let me help you live a life of success! 

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