Creating an action plan based on your goals is a critical step in creating measured success in your business. So let’s discuss creating your goals first. 

Brain Dump

As always we start with a BRAIN DUMP, I know you hear me say this all the time, I promise it is the first step in creating success in your business and personal life.  

You can read my blog all about brain dumping here. This will give you the steps you need to create an effective brain dump plan to build your goals. 

Create an Action Plan

What is an action plan you ask? According to Wikipedia, an action plan is a detailed plan that outlines the actions needed to reach one or more goals. 

So how do we create an action plan? First, we start with the end goal. Then, we work backward from this primary goal and organize all the steps needed to reach your goal. All the details should be written down, including what to do, who’s involved, what resources you might need to accomplish the task, etc.. To make it simple, you will create a bunch of mini-tasks to achieve your ultimate main goal.

Create Reasonable Deadlines

The next phase of this is putting deadlines for each task. When creating your timeline, try to keep the three main tasks a day to help you manage your list and prevent overwhelm. You can read more about this method here. This will give you all the actionable information you need to plan your day, accomplish your goals, and create measured success in your business.

Celebrate your Goals

The path to success and getting things done always includes goals. So once you have accomplished one goal, don’t forget to set the next one! Planning and success require goals to reach your desired end goal. To learn how to celebrate your goals, check out this blog post.

If you are struggling in creating an action plan to create an organized stress-free path to get everything done and create measurable success in your business, schedule a consult call today!

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