What is the difference between 1:1 accountability and. group accountability? I have used both for personal and professional goals. During my health journey, I have found that I need both types of accountability depending on the type of goal and where I am with my mindset. I did weight loss challenge groups consistently while I lost the initial 100 pounds.

Professional goals I started with mentors (friends who already did businesses) to help me get started and up to running my business part-time. When I decided I wanted to make a plan to leave my day job and go full time I got a business coach. I added the Mastermind group about 30 days before I went full time and it’s been great to have a group of business owners supporting me.

Group accountability has benefits of different people thoughts and ways to hold you accountable. You also are able to network and find inspiration from others. Now if your shy or have fear of talking in groups then either try a group of people you know or just know that group accountability is not for you.

Wonderful health coach Joseph

I have found that 1:1 accountability only works if you respect the person who is holding you accountable and you set up regular check-ins. I have found that sometimes your family is not the right fit for holding you accountable when things get tough. I find that I need accountability from people who have similar goals or on similar paths.

Accountability works it up to you to figure out what type works best for you to reach your goals!

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